Monday, 29 June 2015

Maldives reiterates its steadfast solidarity with the Palestinian people

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The Maldives expressed concern about the situation of children in the Gaza Strip and reiterated its steadfast solidarity with the Palestinian people. At a statement delivered today at the UN Human Rights Council  the Maldives further condemned the systematic violations of human rights perpetrated by the Israeli forces, and the indiscriminate shelling and rocket attacks by Israel.

The Maldives also expressed concern by the lack of any assertive action from the international community, and stated that ‘the world must not tolerate this injustice any longer’ and called on states to undertake collective action to compel Israel to acknowledge and assure due economic, social and cultural rights of Palestinians.

The Maldives  further called on Israel to dismantle the separation wall, immediately halt the unlawful expansion of its settlements into Palestinian territories, and cease its disgraceful practice of forcible evictions of Palestinians from their rightfully owned properties.

The Maldives further urged Israel and the international community to take all possible measures to prevent any further human rights violations in the Occupied Palestine Territory, and to put an end to the prolonged illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

The Maldives strongly believes that without a Palestinian state, Palestinian rights will never be protected. The Maldives continues to call for a two-state solution on the basis of 1967 borders, and with East Jerusalem as its capital. The Maldives reiterate its unwavering support to Palestine in seeking worldwide political recognition, and in its efforts for obtaining the full membership of the UN and other international organizations.

The United Nations Human Rights Council, considers the plight and situation of human rights of the people of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, under Item 7, which faces resistance from the United States of America and some Western States. The Maldives has on every occasion reiterated its strong position that Agenda Item 7 should continue, as long as the occupation continues.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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