Wednesday, 06 May 2015

Human Rights Council praises Maldives human rights achievements

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06 May 2015, Geneva; Members of the United Nations Human Rights Council have praised Maldives for the tremendous progress it has achieved in the promotion and protection of human rights. The comments were made during the Maldives’ review of the UPR at the Council.

Countries specifically noted the efforts aimed at strengthening the legal structure to create a conducive environment for the realization of human rights and more specifically, recognized the remarkable achievements Maldives has made in strengthening the legal framework to protect the vulnerable groups namely; children and persons with disabilities.

Delegations also noted the progress attained by the Maldives in safeguarding women’s rights; especially the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act, the Prevention of the Sexual Harassment and Abuse Act, and Sexual Offences Act, as legal shields that protect women from violence and sexual abuse.

The Human Rights Council also recognized the strides Maldives has made in ensuring that highest attainable standard of health care to its citizens. The introduction of universal health insurance was marked as a key milestone in the provision of affordable and access to health care for all people irrespective of their socio-economic background.

On Education, several members of the countries commended Maldives for offering free education up to higher secondary level, and free local and international exams to all children, adopting a policy of “No Child Left Behind”.

Maldives was also recognized by the Human Rights Council for being the only MDG+ country in South Asia. This is a nod towards the progress and achievements Maldives gained in the human development dimension of the country. Similarly, applauding the Maldives for leading the voice of Small Island Developing States as the Chair of AOSIS, members of the countries commended Maldives for its efforts in advocating the rights of small island developing states. Over 100 countries spoke at the Maldives review tonight.

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