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“Young people are the future of any country and without the full realization of their productive capacities, countries cannot prosper” - Former President Waheed

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Former President and special envoy of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, Dr. Mohamed Waheed, has stated that countries cannot prosper until the youth are able to fully realize their productive capacities. The former President made this comment with speaking at the 69th UN General Assembly, on Tuesday.

Noting that the ultimate goal of every Government action should be to improve the lives of the people, the former President highlighted the efforts of President Yameen’s Government to create opportunities for young Maldivians. In this regard, President Waheed stated that “the goal of the Government is to create opportunities that would help to unleash the creativity of the youth”.

Emphasizing the importance of gender equality, the former President noted that in order to build resilient and sustainable societies, the contributions of women are imperative. President Waheed further underlined that the Maldivian Government remains fully committed to empowering women, and has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards violence against women. Continuing in this regard, the former President stated that “Maldivian women are among the most emancipated in South Asia with no structural barriers to education, employment, and mobility”.

Speaking at the General Assembly, President Waheed also discussed the challenges of Climate Change posed particularly to Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Stressing the importance of making the voices of SIDS heard, the former President noted that the Maldives is ready to take the lead in forming the Alliance of Small Island States. President Waheed stated that “the Maldives stands ready to do all it can to make this hope a reality for the sake of our children and the fate of our nation”.

The former also President highlighted the Maldives’ journey to consolidate democracy. President Waheed noted that despite unprecedented challenges, the country has succeeded in overcoming these hurdles independently, and through peaceful means. In this regard, the former President emphasized that the only way for a resilient, home-grown democracy is to instil democratic values in the hearts and minds of the people. President Waheed stated that “the Government of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, and the people of the Maldives, are determined to achieve a modern, and an authentic Maldivian democratic State”. Within this context, the former President underscored that the promotion and protection of human rights remain central to Maldivian democracy, with the incumbent Government strongly advocating for policies that are rights-based.

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