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President Dr Waheed has said that “not having an elected President by the end of the current term is not in the interests of the Maldivian State and the Maldivian people”.

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Speaking at a Press conference on 21st October 2013, the President Dr Waheed has noted that not having an elected President by the end of the current term is not in the interests of the Maldivian State and the Maldivian people.

The President, in his remarks, noted that it was in the best interests of the Maldivian people to have an elected president take office by November 11th. He emphasized the commitment of his Government to ensure that all possible assistance was accorded to ensure this.

Continuing his remarks at the Press Conference, the President said that in his opinion the most important thing for the country at this point in time was to hold a free, fair and inclusive election. In this regard, he noted his own work and initiative towards this in detail.  He noted that the different candidates had submitted different dates for the election and that there were many challenges to be faced in having an election. He noted that not all problems had a legal solution and that political problems had to be solved by political leaders. He noted the importance of dialogue between the leaders and of compromise when required.  The President noted the importance of coming to an agreement between the political leaders.  He noted that the Election can only held once candidates come to an agreement amongst themselves on the date and all work towards the same goal and assist. 

President Dr. Waheed called upon all the candidates to commit to a dialogue and to come to an agreement.  He also called upon the Elections Commission to hold the election at the earliest possible date, and he stressed that the elections should be conducted in a manner which is just, fair and inclusive.

President Dr Waheed further noted that the stability of the country and the Maldivian people lay in the ability of the people to solve their problems.  He also noted that he did not support any particular candidate and that he was not working in the interest of any particular candidate. He noted that importance of using the opportunity and not losing valuable time as we may lose the opportunity. The President stressed his wish that all candidates take this important point into account.

The President further provided his view points on the current political situation and the Elections at the Press Conference. 

President also answered a few questions from the media, and when asked how he would proceed after November 11, the President said that the national’s interests do not depend on the President alone. The country is run by three powers the executive, legislative, and the judicial branches. The President further noted that if an elect President is not sworn in on 11 November, then the leaders of the three powers will find a suitable solution for the nation.

In his responses to questions from the media, the President emphasized that Maldives have faced many challenging in the past, and by God’s will, the Maldives will overcome the current challenges unscathed. The President further noted that several countries much larger than the Maldives have faced serious difficulties in their efforts to introduce democracy and that the Maldives is relatively more successful in solving its problems without any bloodshed.

“We can manage our country. Our people are just as capable as people in other countries. We are not uneducated or incompetent. So we should be able to solve the problems we face today. No one should dictate to us how we should proceed,” said the President.

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