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“The Maldives would continue to work with the Commonwealth to overcome challenges” says the Government

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28 September 2013, Male’;The Government of Maldives would continue to work with the Commonwealth in a partnership to overcome challenges in consolidating democracy in the Maldives. The Government believes that the Commonwealth has the expertise and experience in working with countries such as the Maldives in consolidating democracy.

There have been numerous media speculations about attempts to place the Maldives on the CMAG agenda at the Group’s meeting held in New York yesterday. It has to be recalled that the procedure for placing a country on the CMAG agenda is stipulated in the Enhanced Mandate adopted by the Commonwealth Heads in Perth in 2011. The current political situation in the Maldives is one in which the Government is upholding constitutional supremacy, and the rule of law. Therefore, questions about placing the Maldives on the formal agenda of the CMAG are nothing more than speculations and have no basis. The Maldives remains a full member of the Group, and would continue to hold that position until the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting scheduled to be held in November 2013.

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mariyam Shakeela represented the Maldives at yesterday’s CMAG meeting and advocated on the need for reforming the Group in order to make the body a more effective and credible one that can help, not hamper, democracy consolidation in the Commonwealth member countries. The Minister also highlighted on the need for the CMAG to take matters in proper context, and not to over-react on delicate situations in member countries.

Following the meeting, Minister Shakeela expressing pleasure about the deliberations and noted that “as a member of the CMAG, the Maldives believes that the Group’s credibility can only be maintained if careful, considered, and impartial decisions are made on critical issues of importance relating to members of the Commonwealth.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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