Tuesday, 10 May 2016

“A paradigm shift is needed in understanding the concepts of peace and security to respond to emerging challenges facing the world”, says the Maldives

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10 May 2016, New York: The Maldives has today called for a paradigm shift in approaching and applying key concepts such as threats, security, and peace, in responding to emerging challenges facing the world. Speaking at the High Level Thematic Debate on the United Nations, Peace, and Security, which is currently taking place in New York from 10-11 May, the Maldives Foreign Secretary Dr Ali Naseer Mohamed noted that the “nature of the threats we face today are new and less understood, the capacity to resolve conflicts and promote the peace is being tested like never before. . . confronting the new multidimensional risks require an equally intricate response, a response that is comprehensive and holistic. Continuing to address security, development, and human rights in silos, guised under the explanation of mandates, is no longer adequate”.

The Foreign Secretary emphasized the necessity for transforming the institutional architecture of the UN to complement the change in methodology and approach. He highlighted the need for a more balanced representation on the Security Council, especially how Small Island Developing States, which are most prone to security risks, could be better represented. The Maldives further urged the UN to take a more proactive role in promoting peace before a situation develops into a conflict.

The High Level Thematic Debate was convened by the President of the General Assembly, Mr Mogens Lykketoft, aiming to engage high-level representatives of Member State and candidates for the future Secretary-General in a dialogue on improving how the UN deals with international peace and security challenges.

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