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"); define("LM_FRONT_CHOOSE_PACKAGE_SUB","Please select your Joomla version you wish to install"); define("LM_FRONT_TOP","Install Joomla Software Online"); define("LM_FRONT_TOP_FTP_DETAILS","

Provide your ftp details below:

"); define("LM_FRONT_WEBSITE_URL","Website Url:"); define("LM_FRONT_WEBSITE_URL_SUB","Please provide the website url where Joomla will be installed, example http://www.sitename.com/Joomla"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_HOST","Ftp hostname:"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_HOST_SUB","example ftp.sitename.com"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_USER","Ftp username:"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_USER_SUB","example john"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_PASS","Ftp password:"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_PASS_SUB","example johnpass"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_DIR","Ftp directory:"); define("LM_FRONT_FTP_DIR_SUB","Please provide the ftp directory of where you would like to install Joomla, example public_html/Joomla/ or htdocs/Joomla/ and make sure it has write permissions for everybody"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_INCT","Incremental transfer:"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_INCT_SUB","will attempt to transfer the files over ftp in an incremental mode to avoid any blank pages or timeouts"); define("LM_FRONT_BOTTOM","Didn't work for you? Please tell us what happened -> Contact page
Powered by XCloner"); define("LM_FRONT_MSG_OK","We have uploaded the Package Restore Utility on your ftp site, to continue click here"); define("LM_NOPAKCAGE_ERROR","There is no package selected, aborting...!"); define("LM_AMAZON_S3","Amazon S3 Storage"); define("LM_AMAZON_S3_ACTIVATE","Activate"); define("LM_AMAZON_S3_AWSACCESSKEY","AWS Access Key:"); define("LM_AMAZON_S3_AWSSECRETKEY","AWS Secret Key:"); define("LM_AMAZON_S3_BUCKET","Bucket name:"); define("LM_AMAZON_S3_DIRNAME","Upload Directory:"); define("LM_AMAZON_S3_SSL","Enable SSL transfer"); define("LM_DROPBOX","DropBox Storage"); define("LM_DROPBOX_ACTIVATE","Activate"); define("LM_DROPBOX_AWSACCESSKEY","Application Key:"); define("LM_DROPBOX_AWSSECRETKEY","Application Secret:"); define("LM_DROPBOX_DIRNAME","Upload Directory:"); define("LM_DATABASE_EXCLUDE_TABLES","Select tables to exclude from backup:"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_FOLDER","Folders display:"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_FOLDER_SUB","please select the mode you would like to select the exclude folders from 'Generate Backup' section"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_LANG","System Language:"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_LANG_SUB","configures the XCloner language, if set to default it will display the default language of Joomla if available"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_LANG_DEFAULT","System Default"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD","Enable Direct Download link:"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_SUB","if this is checked, in the 'View Backups' screen, the download link will be a direct link from your server to download the package, please note that the backup path must be within the Joomla root path"); define("LM_CONFIG_DISPLAY","Display Settings"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM","System Settings"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_FTP","FTP Transfer Mode"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_FTP_SUB","select how the files will be transfered from server to server when using ftp protocol"); define("LM_CONFIG_MEM","Backup using Server Functions"); define("LM_CONFIG_MEM_SUB","If set to Active, you will be required to have on your server support for zip or tar and/or mysqldump commands and specify their paths, and also exec() access in your php"); define("LM_CRON_DB_BACKUP","Enable Database backup:"); define("LM_CRON_DB_BACKUP_SUB","Select this option to include mysql data in the backup."); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_MBACKUP","Include backups directory in clone:"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_MBACKUP_SUB","If selected, each backup will also include the previous backup files, hence increasing its size each time."); define("LM_TAB_MYSQL","MYSQL"); define("LM_CONFIG_MYSQL","MYSQL Connection Settings:"); define("LM_CONFIG_MYSQLH","Mysql hostname:"); define("LM_CONFIG_MYSQLU","Mysql username:"); define("LM_CONFIG_MYSQLP","Mysql password:"); define("LM_CONFIG_MYSQLD","Mysql database:"); define("LM_TAB_AUTH","Authentication"); define("LM_CONFIG_AUTH","User Authentication Area"); define("LM_CONFIG_AUTH_USER","Login Username:"); define("LM_CONFIG_AUTH_PASS","Login Password:"); define("LM_CONFIG_AUTH_USER_SUB","this will be your default login user to XCloner"); define("LM_CONFIG_AUTH_PASS_SUB","your default login password, leave blank if you don't want to change it"); define("LM_YES","Yes"); define("LM_NO","No"); define("LM_ACTIVE","Active"); define("LM_TAR_PATH","Tar path or command:"); define("LM_TAR_PATH_SUB","(required if archive type is Tar and Active box checked)"); define("LM_ZIP_PATH","Zip path or command:"); define("LM_ZIP_PATH_SUB","(required if archive type is Zip and Active box checked)"); define("LM_MYSQLDUMP_PATH","Mysqldump path or command: (required if Active box checked)
For large mysql dumps please use
mysqldump --quote-names --quick --single-transaction --skip-comments"); define("LM_CONFIG_MANUAL","Backup Manual Process"); define("LM_CONFIG_MANUAL_BACKUP","Manual backup:"); define("LM_CONFIG_MANUAL_BACKUP_SUB","Select this option if you have php time execution limitations on your server. This will require javascript activated in your browser"); define("LM_CONFIG_MANUAL_FILES","Files to process per request:"); define("LM_CONFIG_DB_RECORDS","Database records per request"); define("LM_CONFIG_MANUAL_REFRESH","Time between requests:"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_MDATABASES","Backup Multiple Databases:"); define("LM_CONFIG_SYSTEM_MDATABASES_SUB","this option controls whether XCloner may backup multiple databases"); define("LM_CONFIG_EXCLUDE_FILES_SIZE","Exclude files larger than:"); define("LM_CONFIG_CRON_LOCAL","Local server*"); define("LM_CONFIG_CRON_REMOTE","Remote ftp account"); define("LM_CONFIG_CRON_EMAIL","Email**"); define("LM_CONFIG_CRON_FULL","Full (files + database)"); define("LM_CONFIG_CRON_FILES","Files only"); define("LM_CONFIG_CRON_DATABASE","Database only"); define("LM_CONFIG_EDIT","Editing config file:"); define("LM_CONFIG_BSETTINGS","Backup Path Settings"); define("LM_CONFIG_BSETTINGS_OPTIONS","Backup Generator Options"); define("LM_CONFIG_BSETTINGS_SERVER","Server Use Options"); define("LM_CONFIG_BPATH","Backup Store Path:"); define("LM_CONFIG_UBPATH","Backup Start Path:"); define("LM_CONFIG_BPATH_SUB","this is the path where all backups will be stored"); define("LM_CONFIG_UBPATH_SUB","this is the base path that XCloner will use to select the backup files and directories"); define("LM_CRON_EXCLUDE","Excluded Directories"); define("LM_CRON_EXCLUDE_DIR","Excluded directories list one per line:
please use full path of the server directory"); define("LM_CRON_BNAME","Backup Name:"); define("LM_CRON_BNAME_SUB","if left blank we will generate a name by default each time a new cron backup is made"); define("LM_CRON_IP","Cron Allowed IP's:"); define("LM_CRON_IP_SUB","by default, only the local server will have access to the cron job, but you may enter also other IP's one per line"); define("LM_CRON_DELETE_FILES","Delete Old Backups"); define("LM_CRON_DELETE_FILES_SUB","Delete backups older than:"); define("LM_CRON_DELETE_FILES_SUB_ACTIVE"," Activate"); define("LM_CRON_SEMAIL","Email cron log to:"); define("LM_CRON_SEMAIL_SUB","If an email address is set, after running a cron job, the cron log will be emailed to this address; multiple addresses can be added separated by ;"); define("LM_CRON_FROMEMAIL","Email cron log from:"); define("LM_CRON_FROMEMAIL_SUB","If an email address is set, after running a cron job, the cron log will be emailed from this address"); define("LM_CRON_MCRON","Configuration Name:"); define("LM_CRON_MCRON_AVAIL","Available Configurations:"); define("LM_CRON_MCRON_R","please provide a simple name for your new cron configuration"); define("LM_CRON_MCRON_SUB","with this option you will be able to save the current configuration in a separate file and use it for running multiple cronjobs"); define("LM_CRON_SETTINGS_M","Multiple CronJobs Configuration"); define("LM_CONFIG_SPLIT_BACKUP_SIZE","Split Backup Archive if size larger than:"); define("LM_MENU_OPEN_ALL","open all"); define("LM_MENU_CLOSE_ALL","close all"); define("LM_MENU_ADMINISTRATION","Administration"); define("LM_MENU_CLONER","XCloner"); define("LM_MENU_CONFIGURATION","Configuration"); define("LM_MENU_CRON","Cron"); define("LM_MENU_LANG","Translator"); define("LM_MENU_ACTIONS","Actions"); define("LM_MENU_Generate_backup","Generate Backup"); define("LM_MENU_Restore_backup","Restore Backup"); define("LM_MENU_View_backups","View Backups"); define("LM_MENU_Documentation","Help"); define("LM_MENU_ABOUT","About"); define("LM_DELETE_FILE_FAILED","Delete Failed, please check the file permissions"); define("LM_JOOMLAPLUG_CP","XCloner - Your site backup and restore solution"); define("LM_MENU_FORUM","Forums"); define("LM_MENU_SUPPORT","Support"); define("LM_MENU_WEBSITE","Website"); define("LM_MAIN_Settings","Settings"); define("LM_MAIN_View_Backups","View Backups"); define("LM_MAIN_Generate_Backup","Generate Backup"); define("LM_MAIN_Help","Help"); define("LM_FTP_TRANSFER_MORE","FTP Connection Mode"); define("LM_REFRESH_MODE","Backup Refresh Mode"); define("LM_DEBUG_MODE","Enable log:"); define("LM_REFRESH_ERROR","There was an error retrieving the JSON data from the server, try again or contact the developers!"); define("LM_LANG_NAME","Language Name"); define("LM_LANG_MSG_DEL","Language(s) succesfully deleted!"); define("LM_LANG_NEW","New Language Name:"); define("LM_LANG_EDIT_FILE","Editing File:"); define("LM_LANG_EDIT_FILE_SUB","Do not forget to save your translation every 5 minutes, just hit the Apply button to update"); define("LM_TAB_GENERAL","General"); define("LM_TAB_G_STRUCTURE","Structure"); define("LM_TAB_SYSTEM","System"); define("LM_TAB_CRON","Cron"); define("LM_TAB_INFO","Info"); define("LM_TAB_G_DATABASE","Database Options"); define("LM_TAB_G_FILES","Files Options"); define("LM_TAB_G_COMMENTS","Backup Comments"); define("LM_G_EXCLUDE_COMMENT","
Please enter here the excluded folders, each one per line!
you may want to disable the cache feature when doing a backup, or if not exlude the cache folder from the backup"); define("LM_TAB_G_COMMENTS_H2","Enter below any additional comments to archive:"); define("LM_TAB_G_COMMENTS_NOTE","Please note, the comments are stored inside the archive, file administrator/backups/.comments"); define("LM_MSG_FRONT_1","No package avalaible"); define("LM_MSG_FRONT_2","FTP upload has failed for destination"); define("LM_MSG_FRONT_3","Uploaded done for"); define("LM_MSG_FRONT_4","FTP connection has failed!"); define("LM_MSG_FRONT_5","Attempted to connect to"); define("LM_MSG_FRONT_6","for user"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_1","Config succesfully updated..."); define("LM_MSG_BACK_2","FTP connection has failed!"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_3","Backup move DONE! The select backup should now be available on the provided location!"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_4","Moving done, starting the Clone process on the remote host"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_5","Succesfully unpublished from frontend"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_6","Unpublishing failed! Please check your paths!"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_7","Succesfully published to frontend"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_8","Publishing failed! Please check your paths!"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_9","Clones succesfully renamed!"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_10","The Joomla path is not within your backup path! Could not use the direct download mode! You should edit your Configuration->System Tab and set 'Direct Download link' to No"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_11","All done! Manual Backup process finished! Click here to continue"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_12","

Backup failed! Please check that you have support for the zip utility(/usr/bin/zip or /usr/local/bin/zip) on your server and the path you set it's corect in Configuration, or choose the Tar archive type!

"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_13","

Backup failed! Please check that you have support for the tar utility(/usr/bin/tar or /usr/local/bin/tar) on your server and the path you set it's corect in Configuration, or choose the Zip archive type!

"); define("LM_MSG_BACK_14","There was a problem in generating the database backup, please check your mysqldump server path!"); define("LM_CRON_TOP","Cron Command Setup"); define("LM_CRON_SUB","Using the cron function you can setup an automated backup generator for your website!
To set it up, you need to add in your control panel crontab one of the following commands:"); define("LM_CRON_HELP","Notes: - if your php location is diferent than /usr/bin/php, please use that one, format /$"."php_path/php For more info on how to setup a cron for - Cpanel click here - Plesk click here - Interworx click here - General Linux crontab info click here If you need help setting up your cron job, please visit our forums http://www.xcloner.com/support/forums/"); define("LM_CRON_SETTINGS","Cron settings"); define("LM_CRON_MODE","Backup store mode:"); define("LM_CRON_MODE_INFO","
please note:* if local server is chosen, we will use the default backup path from the General section to store the backup
please note:** if email mode is used, we do not guarantee that the backup will reach the mail account due to provider limitations"); define("LM_CRON_TYPE_INFO","
please choose the backup type you would like to create
"); define("LM_CRON_MYSQL_DETAILS","Mysql Options"); define("LM_CRON_MYSQL_DROP","Add Mysql Drop"); define("LM_CRON_TYPE","Backup type:"); define("LM_CRON_FTP_DETAILS","Ftp store mode details:"); define("LM_CRON_FTP_SERVER","Ftp server:"); define("LM_CRON_FTP_USER","Ftp username:"); define("LM_CRON_FTP_PASS","Ftp password:"); define("LM_CRON_FTP_PATH","Ftp path:"); define("LM_CRON_FTP_DELB","Delete backup after transfer"); define("LM_CRON_EMAIL_DETAILS","Email mode details:"); define("LM_CRON_EMAIL_ACCOUNT","Email account:"); define("LM_CRON_COMPRESS","Compress backup files:"); define("LM_RESTORE_TOP","Restoring your backups info"); define("LM_CREDIT_TOP","About XCloner"); define("LM_CLONE_FORM_TOP","

Provide your ftp details below:

"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_SAFEMODE","Php Safe_mode:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_VERSION","PHP Version Check:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_MTIME","Php max_execution_time:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_MEML","Php memory_limit:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_BDIR","Php open_basedir:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_EXEC","exec() function support:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_TAR","Tar utility server path:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_ZIP","Zip utility server path:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_MSQL","Mysqldump utility server path:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_T_BPATH","Backup Path:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_ROOT_PATH_SUB","the backup start path needs to exist and be readable in order for XCloner to start the backup process"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_ROOT_BPATH_TMP","Temporary Folder"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_ROOT_PATH_TMP_SUB","the path [Backup Start Path/administrator/backups] needs to be created and be writeable in order for XCloner to work properly"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO","This tab will show general system info and paths"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_PATHS","General paths info:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_PHP","Php Configuration Information:"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_TIME","This controls the maximum time (in seconds) your script is allowed to run on server"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_MEMORY","This controls the maximum memory the script may allocate for it's processes"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_BASEDIR","This controls the paths your script is allowed to access, no value means it can access any path "); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_SAFEMODE","safe mode will need to be set to Off in order for XCloner to work properly "); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_VERSION","PHP >=5.2.3 is required to enjoy all features"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_TAR","If the script is unable to determine the tar path automatically, you might need to uncheck the 'Active' checkbox near TAR line in General Tab"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_ZIP","If the script is unable to determine the zip path automatically, you might need to uncheck the 'Active' checkbox near ZIP line in General Tab"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_MSQL","If the script is unable to determine the mysqldump path automatically, you might need to uncheck the 'Active' checkbox near MYSQLDUMP line in General Tab"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_EXEC","If this function is disabled, you might want to uncheck Both 'Active' checkboxes from the General Tab"); define("LM_CONFIG_INFO_BPATH","needs to be writeable in order for XCloner to archive backups"); define("LM_TRANSFER_URL","Website Url:"); define("LM_TRANSFER_URL_SUB","Please provide the website url to where backup will be moved, example http://www.sitename.com/, we need this because we will direct you there to access the restore script"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_HOST","Ftp hostname:"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_HOST_SUB","example ftp.sitename.com"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_USER","Ftp username:"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_USER_SUB","example 'john'"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_PASS","Ftp password:"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_PASS_SUB","example 'johnpass'"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_DIR","Ftp directory:"); define("LM_TRANSFER_FTP_DIR_SUB","Please provide the ftp directory of where you would like to move the backup, example public_html/ or htdocs/ and make sure it has write permissions for everybody"); define("LM_BACKUP_NAME","Please choose your backup name"); define("LM_BACKUP_NAME_SUB","if left blank we will generate a name by default!"); define("LM_COM_TITLE","XCloner Manager -"); define("LM_COM_TITLE_CONFIRM","Confirm Folder Selection"); define("LM_COL_FILENAME","Backup Set"); define("LM_COL_DOWNLOAD","Download"); define("LM_COL_AVALAIBLE","Frontend Package"); define("LM_COL_SIZE","Size of Set"); define("LM_COL_DATE","Date of Backup"); define("LM_COL_FOLDER","Excluded Folders and/or files"); define("LM_DELETE_FILE_SUCCESS","Files Deleted"); define("LM_DOWNLOAD_TITLE","Download"); define("LM_ARCHIVE_NAME","Archive Name"); define("LM_NUMBER_FOLDERS","Number of Folders"); define("LM_NUMBER_FILES","Number of Files"); define("LM_SIZE_ORIGINAL","Size of Original File"); define("LM_SIZE_ARCHIVE","Size of Archive"); define("LM_DATABASE_ARCHIVE","Database Backup"); define("LM_CONFIRM_INSTRUCTIONS","Please select the folders you wish to exclude from the archive
- by default all folders are included, if you wish to exclude a folder and it's subfolders just check the box next to it"); define("LM_CONFIRM_DATABASE","Backup Database"); define("LM_DATABASE_EXCLUDED","Excluded"); define("LM_DATABASE_CURRENT","Current database:"); define("LM_DATABASE_INCLUDE_DATABASES","Include Extra Databases"); define("LM_DATABASE_INCLUDE_DATABASES_SUB","you can select multiple databases to include in the backup by holding down the CTRL key and selecting the desired items with your mouse
the databases will be stored in administrator/backups directory in your archive"); define("LM_DATABASE_MISSING_TABLES","Error: Table Definitions Not Found"); define("LM_DATABASE_BACKUP_FAILED","Backup FAILED, please check that administrator/backups directory is writeable!"); define("LM_DATABASE_BACKUP_COMPLETED","Backup Completed"); define("LM_RENAME_TOP","Rename selected clones"); define("LM_RENAME","Rename clone"); define("LM_RENAME_TO"," to"); define("LM_CLONER_RESTORE","

How to restore a backup on different locations INFO!

   Restoring your backups has never been easier!
   With the help of our cloning function from the View Backups screen
   you will be able to move your website backup to anywhere on the Internet.

   Here is  what you have to do:

   Step 1 - move your backup to the restore host

    - go into the XCloner 'View Backups' area
    - after you have selected your backup click on the 'Clone it' button
    - enter the ftp details of where you would like to Clone the backup
    - after hitting submit the backup and the restore script will be transfered to the new host and you will be given a url to access the next step based on the url you provided for the remote location
    - after you click on the provided link you will be taken to the new location, sample url http://my_restore_site.com/XCloner.php

   Note: if this process fails for any reason, you need to do this:
   	1. Download the backup on your computer
   	2. Download the restore script, all files from directory:
		Joomla : administrator/components/com_xcloner-backupandrestore/restore/
		Wordpress : wp-content/plugins/xcloner-backup-and-restore/
		Standalone: restore/
   	3. Upload both backup and restore script to your restore location
   	4. Launch XCloner.php in your browser and follow the restore screen as specified below

   Step 2 - the XCloner.php restore screen:

   XCloner.php - the restore script
    - at this step you already should have in place the backup you created and the Restore script
    - enter your new mysql access details, this includes your new mysql hostname, user and password, and a new database if different from the original one
    - enter your new location Url and Path
    - to restore the files you have 2 options:

       	- 1. restore the files through ftp, the script will simulate a ftp upload process on your server, this will
       	fix the permissions problem from step 2.
       	- 2. restore the files directly, this will unarchive the files on your server, will work faster but it might
       	result in some permission problems if you use your ftp a lot to make changes to the site

    - after you hit submit the script will attempt to move the files to the new path, directly or using ftp and
    will install the database
    - if everything goes ok your new site clone is up and running on the new location

    For support please consult our forums http://www.xcloner.com/support/forums/
    or email us at info@xcloner.com

"); define("LM_CLONER_ABOUT","

XCloner Backup

XCloner is a tool that wil help you manage your website backups, Generate/Restore/Move so your website will be always secured!

For reports and suggestions please contact us at info@xcloner.com or visit us on http://www.xcloner.com

XCloner.com © 2004-2011 | www.xcloner.com

"); define("LM_LOGIN_TEXT","

 1. If you are on this screen for the first time, your default
    username is 'admin' and password 'admin', you should change them after login

 2. If you've forgot your password, to reset it you need to add
    this code:

	$"."_CONFIG["jcpass"] = md5("my_new_pass");