Monday, 05 May 2014

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN issues a joint statment on the closure of UN Building.

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05 May 2014, Male'; Ministry of Foriegn Affairs and the United Nations in Maldives has issued a joint statement regarding the closure of UN Building. The joint statment reads as follows;

"The UN Building on Buruzu Magu was vacated on 30 April 2014 due to structural damage to the building and concerns for the security and safety of the staff working in the building.  The UN agencies resident in the UN Building are now operating from different locations in Male’ under interim arrangements until semi-permanent offices are secured. Staff from some agencies have also been co-located to Government offices, providing for the continuation of important programmatic activities.

The decision to vacate the Building was made by the UN after it was found that the Building is structurally unsafe for use. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN have been holding extensive discussions over the past one year on issues related to the condition of the UN Building and in finding a longer-term solution forsuitable office space for the UN in the Maldives."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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