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‎“Japanese assistance to the Maldives and contributions to national ‎‎development spans the length and breadth of the archipelago‎” – ‎President Yameen

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President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has this evening said ‎that Japanese assistance to the Maldives and its contributions to national ‎‎development span the length and breadth of the archipelago‎. The statement ‎was made at the official dinner hosted by the Prime Minister of Japan, ‎Shinzo Abe, in honour of President Yameen. The Dinner was held at ‎Official Residence of the Prime Minister.‎

In his speech, the President noted that Japan has been ‎the most ‎generous development partner, in the post-independence era of the ‎Maldives. Highlighting that Japan also continues to be the biggest bilateral ‎donor in development, President noted that, so far, a cumulative total of ‎nearly USD 300 million has been extended by ‎the Japanese Government as ‎Overseas Development Assistance to the ‎Maldives.‎

Speaking in this regard, the President pointed out that Japan’s ‎pioneering contributions to the socioeconomic development of the Maldives ‎ranges from human resources to environmental protection, sustainable ‎‎fisheries to modern communications and broadcasting, humanitarian ‎‎assistance to post-tsunami recovery and reconstruction, sports ‎cooperation ‎and youth empowerment. He stressed that it was likely today, there is not a ‎single Maldivian who has not ‎benefitted, both directly and indirectly, from ‎support and assistance ‎by Japan.‎

In his speech the President said that the relationship between ‎Japan and Maldives has stood the test of time, with tourist arrival ‎numbers ‎to the Maldives from Japan remaining consistently strong ‎over thirty years ‎at approximately 40,000 per annum. The President expressed pleasure for ‎the Maldives being selected again this year, by the ‎Japanese people as their ‎‎“dream destination”.‎ ‎

President Yameen noted with deep satisfaction, that the trade and ‎commercial ‎ties between the two countries have shown steady growth in ‎recent ‎years.‎ The President expressed‏ ‏hope that the Maldives Investment ‎Forum and the Maldives Tourism Promotion Reception, scheduled for ‎tomorrow, would contribute to strengthening relations in areas of trade, ‎investment and tourism.‎

Pointing out that his visit symbolizes the close friendship and ‎cooperation ‎between the two ‎countries, President Yameen said that it was ‎an honour to be the very first Maldivian Head of State to visit Japan on the ‎‎invitation of the Japanese Government.‎ The President also said that it was ‎reaffirmation of joint commitment by the two countries to advance ‎bilateral ‎ties in the time ahead.‎

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