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“We have to switch from ‘business-as-usual’ mode to ‘action now’ ”- Maldives Foreign Minister Reacts to the Latest IPCC Report on Climate Change

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1 April 2014, Male’; “The latest Report [by the IPCC] reiterates what the Maldives has been saying for more than 20 years. We have been telling the world that Climate Change is real and its adverse effects are getting worse year by year!”, stated the Maldives Minister of Foreign Affairs H E Ms Dunya Maummon, reacting to the latest Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change entitled, Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, released on Monday.

Continuing in this vein, Minister Dunya said, “ to date, the world has not been able to find a political solution to the problem due to the long-standing mistrust between States in climate negotiations and the unwillingness of those who contribute most, to admit their historical responsibility for global warming. The Maldives is amongst the least contributors to greenhouse emissions, amounting to around 0.0003% of the world’s total emissions. Yet, it is one of the most affected. It is undoubtedly imperative that, for the global debate on climate change to move forward, industrialised countries should accept ambitious and binding emission reduction targets consistent with stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations.”

The Minister also reiterated that “the IPCC Report underscores the importance of managing global temperatures to less than 1.5 degree Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, and that any increase of more than 2 degrees would be catastrophic for the entire humanity.  Most importantly, the Report is clear that no country and no government will be left unaffected by climate change. Hence, no country alone can solve it, let alone the most vulnerable such as the Maldives.”

The report is also clear on the way forward. Sustainable developmental policies together with smart climate resilient strategies are already moving some societies and economies towards a positive trajectory that will transform them into more resilient ones.

“I call on all our international friends, big and small, to not let this latest report gather dust in their shelves. We have to switch from “business-as-usual” mode to “action now”. Let this report be the much needed impetus for this September’s Climate Summit in New York, and let us all put our names in history books for saving the planet for our children, in Paris next year”, appealed the Minister.

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