Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Statement by the President with regards to the dispute over the conduct of the first round of Presidential Elections 2013

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The Maldives is capable of managing the dispute over the conduct of the first round of Presidential Elections. The Maldives is a nascent democracy. Still, our statutory institutions, including the judiciary, have shown that they are capable of making sound and impartial decisions on some of the most complex issues of national importance. Similarly, the people of the Maldives have also shown that they do accept the legitimacy of such decisions.

It is therefore important that the case currently being deliberated at the Supreme Court on the conduct of the first round of the presidential elections, held on 7 September, is taken in its proper context. It is a case where one of the candidates in the elections have shown concerns over the electoral process, and taken the matter to the Supreme Court in accordance with the relevant laws of the Maldives.

Local and international observers did a commendable job in observing the elections. Yet, they do not decide on the cases filed by one or more candidates in an election. It is never done anywhere in the world.

I therefore call on the foreign governments, the UN, and the Commonwealth to show responsibility and to refrain from issuing statements commenting on, and speculating about, the on-going court case. Irresponsible statements by foreign governments and international organisations would not be helpful in consolidating democracy in the country.

The President's Office

Republic of the Maldives


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