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    26 December, 2010
President Participates in the Minute of Silence to Mark the Anniversary of 2004 Tsunami
President Mohamed Nasheed has today participated in the minute of silence observed to mark the anniversary of 2004 tsunami.
    21 December, 2010
President welcomes the 750,000th tourist to visit the Maldives this year
President Mohamed Nasheed today welcomed Daniella Ruth Selig, who was the 750,000th tourist to have visited the Maldives in 2010. Mrs Selig was also accompanied by her husband and two children.
    20 December, 2010
Dr. Farahanaz Faizal Appointed as the Non-Resident Ambassador to Spain
President Mohamed Nasheed has appointed Dr. Farahanaz Faizal as the Non-Resident Ambassador of the Maldives to Spain.
    19 December, 2010
Acting Foreign Minister welcomes Cancun Agreements
    16 December, 2010
President Nasheed welcomes Cancun Agreements
President Nasheed has pledged the Maldives’ backing for the ‘Cancun Agreements’ on climate change, which were adopted last week at a United Nations meeting in the Mexican seaside resort.
    15 December, 2010
Maldives welcomes 750,000th tourist
Maldives extended a warm welcome to the 750,000th visitor to the country today. British citizen, Mrs. Daniela Ruth Selig arrived Maldives this morning by British Airways flight which landed at 0920hrs.
    10 December, 2010
Human Rights Day 2010 is dedicated to human rights defenders around the world
As Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has noted in her statement to mark the occasion, some human rights defenders are household names.
    8 December, 2010
Maldives marine energy partnership - Project to map out Maldives’ marine renewables potential
Scotland will support the Maldives to develop renewable marine energy and go carbon neutral by 2020.
    8 December, 2010
Maldives rejects accusation of being 'bought off’ by US over Copenhagen Accord
The Maldives today publicly released diplomatic documents which show that the country pledged its support to the Copenhagen Accord unilaterally and without reservations on 19 December 2009, just hours after the climate change negotiations concluded in the Danish capital.
    6 December, 2010
President arrives in Maldives after the UK visit
President Mohamed Nasheed has returned to Malé, this afternoon, after concluding his official visit to the United Kingdom.
    6 December, 2010
President Nasheed departs London
H. E. Mr. Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Republic of Maldives departed London, last night.
    4 December, 2010
President Nasheed criticises fossil fuels companies for funding “malicious” climate denial campaigns
President Mohamed Nasheed made an impassioned speech to Oxford students Friday evening, calling on students not to work for oil and coal companies who are poisoning the atmosphere, threatening climate vulnerable countries like Maldives and funding campaigns denying the existence of climate change.
    3 December, 2010
President Appoints Mike Mason as Energy Advisor
President Nasheed appointed Mike Mason as his advisor on energy, at a ceremony held at Oxford University on Friday evening.
    3 December, 2010
Strong UK support for the democratic reform process in Maldives
Foreign Secretary William Hague expresses support for the democratic process in Maldives and its leading role in tackling climate change
    3 December, 2010
President Nasheed Launches Climate Vulnerable Monitor 2010
President Mohamed Nasheed today released the Climate Vulnerable Monitor 2010, a major new global report on the state of the climate crisis by DARA, a Madrid based leading humanitarian organisation, and the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), a group of committed most vulnerable countries.
    3 December, 2010
President Nasheed receives the World Technology Award for Policy
President Mohamed Nasheed has received the award for Policy at the World Technology Awards 2010 convened by the World Technology Network in New York City.
    3 December, 2010
Government Plans to Partner with Oxford University for Future Presidential Scholarships
President Mohamed Nasheed has announced government is trying to partner with the Oxford University to offer scholarships for future Presidential Scholars who achieve best results at A-level examinations.
    2 December, 2010
The Prince of Wales receives President Nasheed at Clarence House
President Mohamed Nasheed has met with the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles at Clarence House, the official residence of the Prince, today.
    2 December, 2010
President Nasheed Meets with British Cabinet Ministers
President Nasheed held talks in London this morning with senior members of the British government, including Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs William Hague, and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne.
    1 December, 2010
President Nasheed arrives London on Official Visit
H. E. Mr. Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Republic of Maldives arrived London on an official visit, today.
26 October, 2013
Government's Press Statement on Two Members' Disqualification from Parliament
The government accepts the disqualification of two members of the Parliament, as per the Supreme Court's ruling on 24th October.
24 October, 2013
President Waheed attends President’s Cup 2013 final match
President Dr Mohamed Waheed has attended the final match of the President’s Cup 2013. The match was held last evening at the Galolhu Stadium.
21 October, 2013
Sacrifices of national heroes must be held close to our hearts – says President
Commander in Chief, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that as a country, and as a national defense force, it was important to hold the sacrifices of our national heroes close to our hearts, and follow their example.


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