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    6 November, 2013
Presidential candidates reach agreement to hold elections on Saturday, says President Waheed

6 November2013, Male’; Speaking at a press conference held today after his meeting with the presidential candidates, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that all three candidates have agreed to endorse the voter registry so that presidential election could be held on Saturday as scheduled.

The President assured that the government would give all necessary assistance and cooperation to hold the election on Saturday.

The President said, during the meeting with the candidates, discussions were also held on the arrangements required if a runoff election is to be held. He said all candidates agreed that the second round of the election could be held on either the 10th or 11th of November.

President noted that this was a very crucial period in the history of Maldives and that the country would face many challenges if a new president was not elected by the end of the current presidential term on November 11. He, therefore, stressed the need to find a political solution to the issue.

At today’s press conference, the President took questions from the local media on those issues.

26 October, 2013
Government's Press Statement on Two Members' Disqualification from Parliament
The government accepts the disqualification of two members of the Parliament, as per the Supreme Court's ruling on 24th October.
24 October, 2013
President Waheed attends President’s Cup 2013 final match
President Dr Mohamed Waheed has attended the final match of the President’s Cup 2013. The match was held last evening at the Galolhu Stadium.
21 October, 2013
Sacrifices of national heroes must be held close to our hearts – says President
Commander in Chief, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that as a country, and as a national defense force, it was important to hold the sacrifices of our national heroes close to our hearts, and follow their example.


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